Chris J Powell

Fear and Loathing in a Linux Environment

Earlier this week I ventured off and picked up a slick and affordable gift for my niece for Christmas.  The 7 inch Tablet will never be the equivalent to an iPad but for a 4-year old…an iPad may be overkill.  It has WiFi, it will play games, it will let her read books and have her own personal computing experience and give her a head start in life but I have been confounded by technical issues.

I wanted to hack the device and make it as usable as possible for her while making sure that she will have maximum usage of all the devices capability so I set out to update and resolve the known issues with the $90 Augen Gentouch78…that is where the frustration began.  Linux would let me in and see things but the software to assist in the rooting is all Windows Based and try as I might…frustration caught up with me far too quickly.  Next Step…head over to the Windows7 PC that my wife uses for work…strike two as it is a 64Bit machine which really doesn’t play well with the Android Drivers for this thing.  Go to the antiquated TabletPuter that I procured for myself and then released to my wife (the Toshiba M100 is the source of many previous computing headaches) and the USB 1.0 connection is just too weak to do anything with and the wireless connection well lets just say frustration is a kind word.


So as far as things go…Windows XP seems to let me start to work with the device so I set out to install it back on my Daughter’s Netbook…despite several upgrades to the machine…it loads an OS slower than Molasses in January!  But problem solved after a wasted afternoon and now I can set forth my Hacker and Mod mojo…should be fun…will keep everyone updated on how things go.




Chris J Powell

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