Chris J Powell

First Impressions of iOS6

Waking up this morning I decided to download the iOS6 update to my iPad2 and the reality is…there is not much of a difference between the old and the new.  I don’t use my iPad for mapping things so the loss of Google Maps is not that big of a deal…but losing YouTube…well that is a different story all together.

I use my iPad an average of 10-14 hours per day…whether it be as a giant iPod at work or surfing the net and reading books while watching the TV in the evening.  It rarely leaves my side and the 1 hour it took to update the device (and my daughter’s iPod Touch) in my opinion really is not worth the efforts or the bandwidth.

I do like the revamped App Store…it reminds me more of the Google Play Store and even the Genius Option…seemed to actually work in this version.  I do feel more than a little let down that Apple did not consider the iPad2 ready for Siri but I can understand the reasoning behind not offering all the goodness of the New iPad and iPhone 5 to us poor schleps who will NEVER upgrade the hardware with them.  The reality is, I have not really noticed any real benefits to the upgrade for me.

In defense of the Apple Maps…the 3d options are actually pretty cool and looking at the sky lines of major cities like Toronto, New York and Chicago is a neat feature…but I was in reality over the novelty after about 5 minutes and wanted Google Maps and Street View back.

I have never been a fan of the iOS Facebook App and the new tighter integration…did not impress me or change my opinion much at all.

Personal opinion…if you are an Apple person…upgrade…but I actually miss iOS 5 already.



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