Chris J Powell

Info-graphic of the Week – Flash back to the 80's

At the age of 40 now, I somethings think back to how I truly did grow up with the coming of age for modern Technology.  I was around when we were taught BASIC in school, actually had one of the original Pong games and have seen all that early goodness grow into what it is today…a tangled mess of Security breaches and dangerous times.  Well that is a pretty dark view of Tech today and while it is not all doom and gloom there are some real issues that are happening out there.  This week’s Info-graphic looks at “Computer Invaders” and is a Mashable find and built by F-Secure.  Virus Attacks, Trojans and Worms still exist and while it has been a very long time since I have had my system affected…millions are not so lucky!



Chris J Powell

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