Chris J Powell

Fleeting Moments in Tech History

There are definitely times that I think that my life is moving at the same blistering pace that the world of technology moves at and when that happens, I force myself to take a step away from the dizzying images, factoids and media streams for just a moment to catch my breath but in that moment of non-technical bliss…many things happen, change and then disappear.

It is funny to think about all those little games that we install on our Mobile Phones.  We play one game, get bored and then delete them never to really think about them again.  Even wildly successful games like Flappy Birds die off in a matter of weeks or months.  Our attention spans as users just can’t sustain the dynasties that Microsoft built with its Office Suite or Adobe built and acquired with Photoshop and the Creative Suite.

When it comes to Hardware, we are the same way. The 3″ screen was by and large a good size screen for a “Phone” because that is what its primary function used to be but now we don’t talk on them, we text, surf the web, watch movies and take pictures so the world says goodbye to things like the camshell and flip phone forever and hello to the “phablet” that no offense is just too big (phones that are now approaching 8″ screens…that is a damn tablet….give it up).

While the Desktop had led a solid life of nearly 20 years of being the dominant form of computing…its days are numbered.  I look to the scattered parts and components and wonder why we became so obsessed with the need for portability?  Sitting down and doing things on a PC that to me is fun…building things…that is what the power and the flexibility of hardware in a desktop can do…but now as our Technological Bliss reaches it’s all time high…we don’t want to make things…we just want to consume them…but if all we do is consume…who will be the architects of the future?

The fleeting moments of Technology will always come and go and sometimes we as consumers do get nostalgic and product concepts make comebacks…but for the most part…the days of Tech Past are just that…the past.



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