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Focus on Productivity…not on Spinning ones Wheels

A while back I posted that I spend 25 DAYS yes that is right, 36,000 minutes dealing with E-mail communications each year, so I have been hard at work to find a better way of dealing with the onslaught of 7,000 emails per week.  I did find some really cool looking Mac Applications that would let me sift through a Single Inbox and save time and energy but I don’t have a Mac, nor will I ever have one (short of the possibility of building a Hackintosh next year).


In an effort to consolidate my time and reduce the need to jump from tab to tab, or desktop to desktop I thought why not leverage a Utility that will let me consolidate many of my Social Connections with my email at the same time.  I found Inbox2 and thought I would give it a try.


The download was quick and simple…very nice and small footprint.  Setup of my 3 main email addresses and 3 social networks went surprisingly smooth with no hiccups at all and the great thing is I also found out that there is an iPad App for this as well which means that I will be able to focus on productivity at work and pull my email communications off the desktop and let me address issues at my convenience.  I will be notified when new mail arrives and let me schedule when I will respond and work with the email at hand.


Now the only problem with this particular time saver is that there is no Calendaring Application included so that I can not build a combined event timetable and let me plot my day with proper scheduling and the productivity tips that I gained from Get Things Done (thanks again #thickernell for the tip on this).


Well it is now time to start putting some time back into my day.  A complete relaunch is coming and I have my work cut out for me so cheers, toodles and all that other joy.


Chris J Powell

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