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For the first time, in a long time…I remember dreaming

It was interesting to wake up this morning and vividly remember a dream I had last night.  This does not happen very often, I am not sure why but I am sure it has something to do with the multiple concussions that I have suffered over the years as I remember vivid dreams when I was younger.   I know that we all dream even if we don’t remember them when we awaken as it is our minds way of healing and dealing with the stresses that our waking thoughts can not overcome.

The strange thing about this dream is that it was not about me becoming a millionaire or winning at some sports competition that my body would not be able to handle anymore.


No the dream was about me taking my morning brain dumps that I share with all of you each and every day and putting them to paper.  Writing a book as strange as it sounds coming from a guy who lives his life in an electronic world would be a really cool endeavor and would actually be a logical next step to the ever growing compendium that can be found here at


The funny thing about this Dreams is that for now it is just a dream.  I don’t have a concrete plan in place, it has not been transferred to a Goal or an Objective yet because I have not set forth on a path to discover what topic or style I would want to build this upon.  The even bigger challenge for me is how and where do I fit this into my schedule…well the next two weeks will be about me making some tough decisions and this little mental episode that I had will be fit into the mix as I lay out what my personal plans for 2012 will be.


Many questions arise from looking to adding another role to my life…do I write something for those in Technology or do I write for those in Sales?  Do I let my mind wonder and write a Fictional Novel or do I did into one of my passions in life and research and build a real foundation of something that has not been done before?  Do I shop the manuscript around to publishers or do I self publish?  Do I tie this in directly to the Personal Brand of ME or do I take a different direction?  Do I emulate my favorite Authors in their style or do I try to create something unique to me?


There are many, many questions that I need to ask myself but one thing that having this opportunity to share with all of you is that I was able to formulate or at least conceive an early plan just from the cathartic endeavor of putting my thoughts on the screen…Krispy’s Rants will be published in 2012.  I will be reaching out to some of my regular followers for some ideas but today begins a new day for me…one that will open new doors and close a few at the same time.




Chris J Powell

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