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Forbes Disruptors List for 2013 – Guess who is on it

I did a bit of a dance of joy last night when I was flipping through Zite on my iPad and noticed that Mark Shuttleworth the founder of Canonical and the Ubuntu Linux OS was on that list of 12 individuals.  The other 15 people…unfortunately I have not heard of (but I did read each of their Bios) and within the 12 categories that they will disrupt in 2013…the business world is in for a real change this year.  With 16 people on the list the average age of these industry disruptors is just 37.5…meaning that it is not the very young Generation Y or the older Baby Boomers that are making the changes to the world…it is people like well…ME!

The real question for many would be why Mark Shuttleworth and his little Linux Company?  Well it is not so little anymore.  With an estimated 20 million users of Ubuntu and a really strong following both by developers and by a very active user community, Ubuntu has  become the little engine that could.

In a quote in the Forbes Magazine Bio:

“There are deeply entrenched competitors that won’t be dislodged just by doing what they did and doing it faster or better just by 5 or 10%,” he says. “If there’s an opportunity, it’s to shake things up and attack the problem entirely differently.”

This refers to the push by his team to integrate a seamless and single experience from Phone to Tablet to Desktop to Server to the Cloud.  I have never been more excited to be a part of that community than I am right now.  As my Motorola Droid Razr ages gracefully I dream of the day that I can simply replace the Android OS and have a truly mobile computer that I can have all the things that I want…where ever I want them (or better yet  grab hold of a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 and start to live in that Beta Testing Nirvana).

For Mark Shuttleworth…this is a driven man.  At a very young age he new that he was going to make a difference and move to the beat of his own drum.  When he sold his first company Thawte to VeriSign in 1999 he quickly became the first African in Space and has not looked back from there and founded Ubuntu in 2004 and started the trek into making a real change in how “I compute because we compute”.

The path to success with Linux has not been easy, but it has been his vision that has driven the Ubuntu OS to the top of its category and now more and more into the Enterprise.

Congrats Mark, I look forward to seeing what 2013 makes for Canonical and Ubuntu!


Chris J Powell

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