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Free App Friday – AirDroid the Cord Free Way to Transfer Files

My how time flies!  I woke up  this morning thinking it was only Thursday and then checked the calendar on my phone and realized…Friday has already arrived meaning that not only is my First Week back to work almost complete…but it is time for Free App Friday.  This week I figured it was time to bridge the gap between a Windows Desktop and an Android Mobile Device.

AirDroid (1)The name itself implies what it can do as it is about untethering your Android Device from your computer to be able to transfer files to and from your desktop and that is a good thing.  It is Free on both the Desktop and Google Play Store side of things but it is a “Freemium” Application meaning that you get the free bit on a Lite version.

There are quite a few other very interesting features that come default with the AirDroid and some of the do require you to enable Root Access to your phone or Tablet (such as taking screenshots of your device from your Desktop).

But from what I was able to gather and the online documentation for AirDroid is really quite solid at their Support Center (Forum) and I had no problem getting things set up and functioning the exact way that I wanted to.

My personal Favorite Features are:

  • Sending/Receiving SMS Texts to your current Contacts from your PC
  • Initiating Calls from your PC through your phone
  • The AirDroid Recommends (cool Apps Recommended by AirDroid)
  • Access to Folders, Videos, Music, Photos and Contacts
  • Drag and Drop APKs that your Country’s Play Store won’t let you install

What does improve from the Freemium version to the Premium Edition is:

AirDroid Screen


Overall there are a great deal of wins that can come from connecting your Droid to your PC using AirDroid.  Right off the top of my head, my wife will love that I no longer ignore her while down in the ManCave as I can receive my phone’s alerts, messages and calls on my desktop while having my phone on silent.

Well that is it for me.  Have a great Friday!



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