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Free App Friday – AirDroid

When you have way too many devices, it is always nice to be able to connect them together using some form of Technology.  I use TeamViewer a lot with my Chromebook to access the power of my Desktop PC so that I can hang out with my Family but still get things accomplished when I have to but for my Tablet and my Smart Phone, it would be nice if I could just keep it plugged in and work through my day, making calls as needed…well the reality is, I can using a great tool called AirDroid.

What I really like about this Free App is that it enables me to see all of my contacts that are stored in my phone (which is great because I have set it up to actually connect all of my Social Connections into one contact list) but even better it lets me see it on a much larger screen (sure the Nexus 4 has a high resolution 4.5″ screen but come on).

So what can AirDroid do?

Well let me know what you think of my first Video Blog (I promise they will get better over time).



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