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Free App Friday – Dipping my Toe Into Back to School

I have had some really positive feedback into my quest to head back to school.  I still have not decided how or where I will do this but I do know that even at 42, the investment in upgrading my skills by either re-certifying and achieving at least one more professional designation is important to my future.  This whole reinventing Krispy is going to be tough and any way I look at it, it is going to mean a relatively major investment in both time and resources for me to succeed but just jumping back into education after 20 years of being out of school…well things have changed.


24 years ago I chose to go to College and earn a Diploma in Law and Security Administration not because that was all I could do…I had been accepted to 3 Universities and 4 other Colleges.  I chose to go to College purely for economic reasons and I excelled at it.  I had waited and was 21 when I entered into the ranks of Post Secondary Education when most of my colleagues were only 18 and well lets call a spade a spade here…far from prepared to attend.

Two Decades is a long time to be away from the books but the reality is, I have never really stopped learning.  I truly believe that one’s mind needs to be worked like any other muscle and while I have gotten far “rounder” in the 24 years since I was in the Canadian Armed Forces…my mind and my ability to learn new skills has always remained very sharp.  I have succeeded in jobs that I would have never thought I could and while I am now taking a “Sabatical” of sorts from a “Real Job” I am not once thinking that where I am today will not help build me into a better and stronger person tomorrow.

To dip my toe back into the educational waters…I was happy to find out that I do not instantly have to make the massive investment of time, money and energy to go back to a brick and mortar school.  In fact if I want to I can attend any school I want, both here in Canada or really any where in the world.  I have not fully decided what I want to do with my future and the last 23-30 years of my working life but I do know this…I need to make a decision soon.

What I did find in looking for ways to provide me the insight into my current and future abilities as a “student” was a website and now a mobile app for a service that truly believes that Education is a Right and should not force us all to mortgage our futures, just for a piece of paper. is an amazing resource of University Level Courses that is offered FREE to all.  I decided that I would cut my teeth on the University of Washington’s Introduction to Data Science Course.

I was and am intrigued by the Syllabus and the topics that it will cover:

  • Data Manipulation at Scale
  • Analytics 
  • Communicating Results 
  • Special Topics

I am firmly taking the advise of a very smart man Brian Garside in finding a way to demonstrate my abilities in real ways…by building a portfolio of knowledge rather than relying on the 19th Century Value of Elitism.  Anyone could get an education…but only those who truly learn…never stop and that is what I am about to dive into.

The new Krispy is working hard at getting healthy both mind and body and the next 12 months…are going to be really, really interesting.

I will keep you posted…but stay tuned for some interesting new things coming from me in the next little while as I build a new Brand that is Krispy!



1 thought on “Free App Friday – Dipping my Toe Into Back to School

  1. Here’s a couple of other resources that I lean on quite heavily.

    Udemy –
    They often have good basic business courses for free, and I’ve bought a few individual courses for $20.00 or so.

    Code Academy
    If you want to get into some programming fundamentals, this is a good place for you to go.

    It costs money, but there are some great courses on PHP etc. –
    I cannot say enough about, it is one of the best learning resources on the planet. It’s a little pricey, but I would highly recommend it if you’re serious about learning varied skills. You also get certificates when you complete courses.

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