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Free App Friday – The DVR for your Meetings

As a Sales Professional I am faced with meetings and the need at times very long drives so when I was listening to the All About Android podcast on TWiT last night I was intrigued by one of their suggestions from the AAA Arena.  So what is this Cogi they spoke of?


It is a Pure Productivity App that could mean the difference between success and failure.  Capturing the “moments” that are most important and functional could mean the difference between “inference” and “understanding”.  Right now it is available for Android but an iOS version is said to be coming soon so check back if you are unfortunate enough to use an iPhone.

From their site, there is a tag line that I think really leverages the core concept of what they hope to achieve with this app:

Writing or typing takes your attention away from what’s going on around you. Cogi lets you take down what was just said with a single finger tap, so your attention can stay with the room.

The act of taking down notes can be distracting and there is nothing worse than missing out on the “nuggets” of insight that every meeting or lecture (no matter how boring it may be) may have to offer and instead of recording the ENTIRE meeting, Cogi is uniquely and intuitively able to just record the important parts of the meeting and tag them with insights, notes and images to jog the memory and enable focus to be returned to the meetings.

How will I use this relatively small App?  Well I can see myself using it with some frequency as a note taker when I am out in the field with customers but also when I am meeting with clients and my colleagues so that I can capture the meaning, ensure that I understand what is going on and to be as accurate as possible when I am building solutions for the world that I live in.

I still have plans to return to school in the near future so this will also become a life saver for that because I am noticing that as I get older…I am not able to recall things quite as rapidly as I once was (or I leave out little snippets).

So if you have an Android Device (this works on Tablets too), and you are in a lot of meetings or back in school…I strongly recommend using Cogi as a DVR for Life’s Moments!



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