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Free App Friday – An eBook Reader for All

For anyone who knows me, I am a voracious reader.  I have more than 500 printed books and just over 2 TB of eBooks scattered across multiple devices.  One of the challenge that I have faced since moving away from my iPad has been to find an equivalent ePUB reader and while I have tried many…none fit the bill until just last week when I stumbled across the Universal Book Reader in the Android Play Store.

wpid-universal-book-reader-apk-for-androidOne of the first features that I really liked was the fact that it displays nicely on both my 4.5″ Nexus 4 and my 7″ Acer Iconia B1 and this is a good thing because I tend to switch from device to device on a fairly regular basis.  The Universal Book Reader works with both ePUB and PDF which takes care of all of my eBooks that I have and again this is a great selling feature for this robust FREE App.

The “Library” that is the home screen reminds me of my days with the iPad and its integrated iBooks, and I can quickly scan through the covers of the books that I have loaded on the device(s) at any given moment, the only better thing would be to integrate with my account where I have backups of all my books stored.

A great feature is the ability to one click update this library by scanning for all ePUB and PDFs (note PDFs need to be added to the scan) and then I can see what I want within a few moments however there is one weakness that I did find…if you move your directory, it will break the link to the book and you will need to remove the books and import again.

Features that make this a quick win for me:

  • Endless Scroll on the Library
  • Bookmarking and Chapter Building within each book
  • Pinch Focus to increase the Font Size in PDFs
  • Intuitive UI
  • Included User Guide
  • Password Protection

Features Lacking:

  • No Network File Browsing
  • No Cloud Storage Connect

As you can see, other than wanting a better connection to where I store my reading materials…there is not many weaknesses that I have found within this app.  I have even recommended this to my daughter but alas…this is an Android only app and there is not an equivalent for the iPad that she now controls.

If you read and have an Android (phone or Tablet) this is a must have app.




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