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Free App Friday – More Email???

If you are anything like me, email has become a life line to the outside world, but for me with my 8 different email address (that are active) I find myself jumping from email app to email app trying to sort everything out.  There needs to be a better way…there just has to.

I stumbled across the Android App – Molto Mail the other day and figured I would give it a whirl with one of my 3 Gmail Accounts and I must say, right from the get go, it was a vast improvement to the default Gmail App.  I can see what is going on with each message a little bit better, I can delete emails quicker and easier and the way that the email is laid out, well it is a thing of beauty.

The reality is though, it is built with a bigger screen in mind than my Nexus 4 and low and behold I installed it over on my Acer Iconia and yep I was right…this is an app that is built to support the screen real estate afforded by a tablet…and I will not look back…it is simply brilliant.

Ok…so I am raving like a lunatic over email…I get it…but email is how I do most things in my life and considering I need my work email, my website email, a couple of administrator emails, my “junk” email and then the email address that really started it all…my first Gmail account (yes that is right original Gmail Account from back in 2004 (it will be celebrating its 10th birthday in just a few months)…I have had many emails but this one is by far my favorite and to make it easier to use and have it do just what I want it to do across multiple devices…this is a very very good thing!

So now for some screen shots:

The app is of course Free and I would strongly recommend giving it a whirl.





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