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Free App Friday – Getting to Know Cancer

The past 6 months I have gotten to know the Disease called Cancer just a little too well.  I watched my Grandfather and my Step Dad both lose battles to this insidious and undiscriminating killer only to have the worst possible news arrive to me a couple of months ago…my Mom who had been Cancer Free for almost 5 years was facing yet another battle for her life.  The gut punch that this was…I knew that there had to be a way out of all the muck and mire that had been thrown my way but I didn’t really know where to turn…then when I was in the hospital for the Pre-Op meeting with the Doctor’s, Nurses and Specialist…a light came on for me…turn to the Internet and to my Smartphone for some assistance!

There are several interesting Apps available for the Android System, many of which are sponsored by the ASCO or American Society of Clinical Oncology but the one that stuck out at me was called bodyxq Cancer.  The “XQ” stands for Excursion so I figured what the heck…I would take a look and installed it on my Nexus 4.

This Free App does not do much but the 3D Simulations of Cancer Cell Development and the interaction with the body helped me to better comprehend why and how this dastardly disease spreads so fast and is so tough for Doctors to combat and save lives.

Screenshot_2014-08-15-07-29-171-300x180 Screenshot_2014-08-15-07-30-461-300x180

The ability to alter the Body Chemistry and watch how a Cancer Cell can thrive or be starved that is amazing to me.  Regardless of if you are battling with Cancer or know some who is…I suggest taking this app for a spin, get an understanding of it and then look to the ways that you can help fend off the development through diet, exercise and treatment.

Cancer can be beaten…and survival is an option!




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