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Free App Friday – Getting In Touch With…

So one of the great downfalls of being well connected is the vast number of Contacts that end up in your phone’s Directory.  Between Social Networks, family and the random people that I decide to add to my list (from the Las Vegas Conference I attended in February I think I added 50-75 Contacts) I now have a nearly endless list of contacts, many of which are duplicated because the standard People App on my Nexus 4 isn’t quite smart enough to figure that the same Name and Phone Number are actually the same person.

contacts+ logo

Contacts+ is available for iOS and Android and what impressed me right away was the fact that it is not just a Contact Manager it is a Dialer and Text Messaging App as well and I had been in search of one (see Free App Friday – Texting with Android).

The App connects to your Facebook and Google+ accounts to pull down profile pictures for you and is really easy to use which is a real plus as at this point in my life, I am trying to declutter as much of my life as I can and this might just fit the bill for me.

Sure, it is very much similar to the standard SMS app but I was able to 1 click and resolve my duplicate accounts but the options are incredible, I can change the look of the app from light, to dark to black and I can link in my Twitter and LinkedIn contacts as well by diving into the settings.

One of the big reasons why I like exploring the world of Free Apps is to see the solutions that are built to resolve common issues and Contacts+ fits the bill quite well in all respects.

Even better is the fact that I can remove myself from being Carrier Dependent for my Text Messaging because Contact+ to Contact+ the app makes a direct connection and does not use the SMS network.  A thing of beauty if I do say so myself!

Well, after a gruelling 13 hour day yesterday (followed by an unplanned 6 km walk because of screwed up City Transit here in London), it is time to start the day fresh and full of vigor!



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