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Free App Friday – Lists, Lists, Everywhere are Lists

I wish I wasn’t  but I am a slave to my calendar.   I find myself (especially as I get older) finding it harder to keep all the things I have to do in a neat and organized manner.  With multiple devices and work that has me jump from activity to activity it becomes even more important to have a set of priorities that I can fall back on and avoid the many distractions that there are in my life.

In this wonderful world of choices that we live in though, there are tons of options when it comes to getting our lives organized.

Regardless of if you subscribe to the Zero Inbox philosophy or you just want to get better at keeping your life organized, it is time to start focusing on the tasks at hand…for me I figured I would give the power of Wunderlist a try again.

There is a Pro version of the tool but because this is Free App Friday, I figured I would put the resource through its paces before making any recommendations on if this tool is worth the $4.99 per month.

The App is available online, on the desktop and you can even put it on all your devices (Windows Phone, Android, iOS, even as a browser plugin for Chrome) so there really is no excuse for not having all of your daily, weekly and monthly tasks accessible to you…regardless of where you may be.

But why do any of us need more lists?

I actually don’t see this as an exercise in building a To Do List, I see it more as an effective way to Manage the Project that is MY LIFE…so I did some digging and found the “Action Method” and while there is an App that connects you to this methodology…I wanted to see if I could start to focus my attention in a meaningful way…and to my surprise…I almost instantly started to see improvements.

I needed to get better at logging my activities and Wunderlist not only allowed me to place a plan around my daily activities, the Free App empowered me to also start logging the actions that would enable me to be better at what I do…and this is a good thing.

Focus is not easy, especially with all the distractions that we face on a daily basis…and I even built in the opportunity to be “distracted” right into the process that will empower me.

Is it the best and most complete App out there…no but what I really liked about Wunderlist is that it has the same interface and an instant sync between all my “screens” so that I can do my job, perform my duties but at the end of the day…start to lay down an action plan for the next day because I can see what I accomplished.  This is a really good thing.




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