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Free App Friday – October 4

I am pretty sure that I am not alone in the re-installation of OS software on a fairly regular basis.  This is partly because I am 3/4 lazy and don’t want to troubleshoot the issues that I create and 1/4 because there is nothing better than a freshly installed OS ready to be tweaked and prepped and preened to your exact needs (until you start to download and install all the CRAP again).

One of the most annoying things about starting a fresh OS is heading back out to get the latest updated plugins and software.  With Google Chrome just releasing its 31st version recently the one that I have stored in my File Server is a couple of versions out of date and the same goes for the Java, Flash, AIR and Silverlight that I have available when it comes time to work with Windows.  Typically I would say…well just use Linux and the Repositories will take care of all that for you and yes…that is completely true but there is some valid reasons to keeping a Windows Box around (for now).

This morning I decided that it was time to look at Free Apps…I am not talking about those annoying Freeware Apps that head out and install all kinds of spyware and tool bars on your system…no I am talking about purely Free Apps.  Each Friday I will be looking at a solution that fits this category either for Windows, Linux or Android (I would do iOS but thank heavens I gave away my iPad).

So this week, in the spirit of Simple Installs, I am looking at Ninite.  This is really more of a service than an actually application.  What it does for you is it breaks the typical needs of quick installs out for you into categories like Browsers, RunTimes, Imaging and Security and with a check and a click…all your apps are downloaded into a single Application Installer and proceeds to install all the goodies that speaking from experience takes several hours to install and update (if you have all the URLs and files handy).

The entire process of installing 35 applications took less than 15 minutes and let me know if I had already had the most up to date version installed.

The only problem with this setup is to keep these apps all nice and shiny and updated…they do charge for it…not a lot…but the Ninite Updater Service costs $9.99 per year.

There is also a Linux Version of this handy utility.  I did not test it because navigating the Repositories of the Linux World is old hat for me now.



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