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Free App Friday – Pushing the Envelope…Digitally

Every once in a while an application comes along that crosses over and connects all the devices that have become essential to our lives.  Earlier this week I stumbled across what I think is one of those apps.  In my day to day life I find myself switching from Desktop to Chromebook to Phone to Tablet depending on what it is that I am doing at that moment.  I actively have up to 5 screens in play at any given moment…but information on each of those devices is unique to that device and try as I may…I don’t store everything in a central “Cloud” mainly because of a problem with the Chromebook being able to access them effectively…so when PushBullet came to the front for me…well lets just say I fell in love.

PushBulletLooking at the top down of PushBullet it is simply a file transfer app that works as an extension with Chrome but is an Android App as well…but it can be so much more as well.  You can not only connect your own devices to each other, by adding in a Gmail email, you can connect with teams, friends or family and “Push” a file to them.

It also becomes a private message tool that you can shoot reminders from device to device or from person to person with ease.

It is free from the Google Play Store and for the Chrome Browser from the Chrome Store as well.

But hey, don’t just take my word for what a life saver this tool is…the where and what you can send is all at the PushBullet Homepage too!

PushBullet1 Pushbullet2




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