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Free Time – Rekindling a Love from my Youth

I find myself with far too much free time, time that I all to often spend all by myself.  I painfully find it difficult to connect with people who have similar interests to me, mainly because I choose for the most part to be a home body and don’t go out.  I have always been fortunate enough to have someone to spend time with so this did not really present itself as a problem until I really started to list the people that I could count on if I was in a jam…and beyond my wonderful girlfriend and family…the list is very, very short and none of them are within 100 km of my home.


One of the things that helped me connect with the friends that I do have from a lifetime ago was a shared connection with a world that didn’t exist.  This love for the venerable Table Top Role Playing Game is something that my circle of friends growing up shared greatly.  We would devour Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS and later CyberPunk (and CyberPunk 2020) as well as Twighlight 2000 and Traveller 2300 AD.  I then got into the RIFTS series in college and even after college when I moved back home, the band got back together for a Sunday Afternoon of a bag of burgers and Role Playing Games.

I don’t currently have a group or even a notion of where to start to find a group of players to latch onto, and I have had the formation of a Role Playing Game rolling through my head for about 20 years so now that I am for the most part alone, it is time to maybe put the rather extensive monetary investment that sits on my bookshelf to use and do two things:

  1. Find a group in London, ON to get together with and Game
  2. Dive back into my work and complete the RPG that I have always wanted to build

So this is an all call for groups or individuals who are beyond their 20’s who grew up with the classics and want to dive back into the brotherhood (or sisterhood) of gaming around a kitchen table again!



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