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From Chaos comes its own Sense of Order

All around us disruptive technologies are compounding the challenges we face.  Some stem from too many choices, others from information overload and others still have us concerned about our privacy and personal information.  Since I started this Blog over 1 year ago I have posted 335 articles that range from in depth rants on Technology Industry moves, to reviews of interesting concepts that I have found on the web to Personal Improvement Tips that I have tested.

The past year has been an exercise in reigning in the Chaos.  As my regular readers know I like to quote Albert Enstein and this is a great occasion to site one of my favorite:

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

IT is at the heart of much of the Chaos that we see today and by applying that simple yet elegant statement to the Strategy employed in a modern IT Department, in my opinion would go along way to improving the connections and success of many organizations.

I had a great conversation with what I would consider a “bell weather” industry client yesterday.  They work in Industrial Welding and during the recession he saw is department contract from 8 at its peek when he started with the organization to just two that he has been working with for the past 3 years.  He is challenged with far too many projects but justifying the expansion of his department is nearly impossible despite the fact that he is doing the work of at least double the size of his department.  The growth of his company is a sign that Manufacturing and Commercial Building is making a bit of a surge is a good thing.

As IT Professionals look out over their respective project landscapes, and try to prioritize what is most important to them and their careers but also what is best for the business…it becomes even more important to understand that the Chaos that surrounds us all when it comes to technology is flowing and streaming into an entity that almost has a life of its own.

We see Social Media impacting the role and connections within Big Data and Social Analytics, organizational Security includes Risk Assessments of Social Media Strategy.  The Cloud and the implications of transforming IT into a Utility Infrastructure at the same time enabling more Mobility and potentially adding tremendous Security Concerns to the already stretched resources of current IT Operations.  The interdependencies of these and many other technologies both create and enable are aligning a future that empowers the user, opens access and removes restrictions. 

The Chaos that the 1000s of new Mobile Devices bring to the table each year as they all start to ping the network and carry connections and access to at many times sensitive data is an issue that must be addressed but also embraced…a connected workforce in 2012 is more than happy to work beyond their 9-5 routine…and do so without any request for extra compensation.

Riding the wave of Chaos is a fine line.  I decided some time ago that my life is not entirely in my own control and that at times I would have to allow myself to be moved in the direction of the waves of Chaos…this was very difficult for me and I still struggle with trying to control the wave and the direction of travel.

Opening myself up to a future that I can at least see the end results has been a huge advantage…embracing the Chaos of Technology all around us is what has made it possible.  If riding the wave on a boogie board is to difficult…go out and get yourself a Surf Board.  Hang 10 and ride the wave Brah!


Chris J Powell

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