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Gadgets and Consumer Technology just got a whole lot more confusing

I am all for choice, that is one of the things that I love about technology but I have also been Anti-Microsoft for as long as I have been involved with technology.   I now look at my Desktop all shiny and new, with the wonderful Ubuntu Linux 11.10 Beta running and think life is good and then the Windows 8 Beta comes out.  Now I am no masochist but I have forever been the type of person that if I want to be able to bitch about something I better have a reason to bitch so I made the trek out to the web and downloaded the Developer Release of Windows 8.  From the early videos the common interface between phone, tablet and desktop/laptop will make the choosing of new hardware a whole lot more challenging.

But I really think that that opinion may just change with the impending release of Windows 8.  Yes I said it, I have gone on record and in one year I have confirmed that my “Anti-Proprietary” software attitude is coming to an end.  I have an iPad that goes every where with me and now I am saying that I could get behind the latest release from the powers in Redmond Washington.


Now for those who know me well, this is an enormous change and may actually demand a radical shift in my general philosophies but I say to every one of you…it will always be Linux first, Windows a distant second.  I have gotten on the band wagon that billions have already joined mainly the functionality of the recently released Developer’s edition of Windows 8.  It is slick, it is logical and if the demonstrations are true…then it will be an everything for everyone device (except no Flash).


Now I have had problems getting a Virtual Machine to run the install media (I suspect it is because my recently built MonstaPuter has too many “new components”) but I am testing it out much the way it was done during the preview release on some older hardware that has been running famously using the latest and greatest that Ubuntu Linux has to offer.  This is more or less just an extension of my Rant yesterday but I will give you a full run down and review of my thoughts on the OS tomorrow.


Now how will Windows 8 really change the game?  Well regardless of whether you will be able to run MS Office on the ARM processor devices, the new OS really does have the look and feel of being written for the minimum standards.  Imagine a world that Microsoft is taking a very real environmental stance and creating an OS that you can actually breath new life into an old PC…all those components staying out of the land fill…now that is a good thing.

With a Smartphone now having similar or better specs than my last computer has (now in the loving hands of my wife) I really do see that if Microsoft writes for the Smartphone but extends the capability to the Desktop/Laptop then their dominance both at home and in the Enterprise will truely be solidified for another decade.  This to me is both good and bad as I have been hoping each year that there would be a massive slip up that would open up the opportunity for Linux to slip in under the radar and capture a large market share here in North America…I fear that the Vista Effect is now over and Linux was unable to capture enough hearts and minds.


Well, it is time to wrap up the installation of windows 8 on my eeePC 701SD.  I will let you know how things go in tomorrows post.




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