Chris J Powell

Game day

As a Dad one of the toughest things that I have to do is convince my daughter that she is ready for new experiences. It doesn’t matter if it is a new type of food, making a change on schools or in the case of today…her very first competitive Football Game.  She works hard at everything that she does but this is a bit different, she is one of a handful of girls that are playing at this level and the position she chose is Linebacker!

Today will be a busy one, practice all morning and then off to pick out our new living room and then Game Day at City Wide Park on Commissioners Road in London.


Now back to my little girl and confidence. This is a girl who just one year ago was climbing up diving towers and doing flips and twists that had her mother and I cringing and now she is applying that same power on the defensive line…change is inevitable, embrace it, own it and over come.


She is myinspiration…what is yours?


Have a great weekend.


Chris J Powell

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