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Goals and getting what you want

Today marks the first day of the fourth quarter of our fiscal year at work.

This means a lot to the Executives and Sales Managers as we strive to achieve double digit growth again this year.  Targets are set, Quotas will be published and the gnawing ache at the pit of the stomach for many of my colleagues will remain.  For me, today is just another day.

I have set my sights on achieving what many say is impossible.  I have set my own goals much higher than what the quota that has been assigned to me.

Several months ago I had decided that I would not accept being middle of the pack any longer and started down a path that will help me to achieve the personal goals that I have set for myself.

Sales is a numbers game.  I took what I dreamed of (in my case a new Johnny Pag Spyder) and went backwards from there.  With a price tag of around $6000 (taxes and custom paint) I needed to make that much “extra” from just doing my job and achieving middle of the pack results.

Don’t get me wrong, at my work, being middle of the pack is quite lucrative but it won’t give me the extras that I want.

So now that I know what I want, I had to start thinking about how do I get this.

Working more hours does not pay me extra (I am on Salary) but it could get me more sales…how much more though is a serious question that I am not really willing to do after seeing the effects of a 70 hour work week on myself last year when I fell victim to Pneumonia in the final weeks of the year.  I could get an 2nd part time job (20 hours extra per week for 3 months = less than 1/2 of what I need) so back to the drawing board.

Then I thought long and hard about what my commission structure is and how I can work the numbers to my favor to achieve my goals.

As anyone in sales knows the quality of leads handed to the masses are not ever the greatest.  They need massaging and a lot of background work would be needed…I hate my leads so I had to find something better!

That was when I decided to jump on my long board and ride the tsunami of change.  The changes that I am seeing had generally excluded me and my team so I had to get creative if I was to hit targets and bring in my personal goals.  I knew that there was the potential to not only double my income but I would have to translate much of my effort into working smart rather than just hard if I was to achieve “A House, A Hog and a Horse” so I started looking for help.

I got a Linkedin message one morning from the folks at Outbound Excellence and decided to take the full on plunge into Social Media and connecting the dots.  I sat down over the phone with David Kalstrom and we looked at my pitch and how I could relate it to Social Media and getting leads that would help me track down the success that I wanted.  Are the golden leads…no, are these prospects just itching for what I have to sell them…no but they are growing companies that are focused on what I do with companies so I will land them and see a positive ROI on my investment with David.

If you, or your company are looking to grow your sales results but through Social Media and a solid process from beginning to end…reach out to David and his team at 877-337-2674 or 602-770-0012.

Cheers and have a great day.

This week is for you ‘Niffy!

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