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Going Mobile – The Data Question

Once again I find the group package that I am currently a part of is lacking in the ability to supply my data needs with an effective coverage and support so now just 1 year into a 2 year contract I am looking at the options that I have to move away from my current provider.

I have burned through the world of Canadian Mobile providers over the years not being impressed with any of them so far but last year the airwaves did open up a little bit here so it might just be time to take a hard look at some of the alternatives out there.  For me, the inclusion of a solid Data Plan is key as I do find myself just outside the world of WiFi more often than not and have been hitting the arbitrary caps all too often (sending my monthly bill soaring – it doesn’t help to have 3 phones on a single plan).

Pay as you Go or Prepaid plans are not an option as the Data portion of the package is well just retarded so now I find myself looking directly at one of two providers here in Canada that might fit the bill:

Wind Mobile seems to be a real contender with their Unlimited EVERYTHING.


For just $40 per month I can get Unlimited Calling, Texting and Data.  For the two phones that I am responsible for paying for…that would translate to a savings of more than $70 per month and over a year and if I bring my own phone…that would equate to an additional savings of $250 so my first year charges appear to be just $460…that is something that I could not only live with…but would be a huge win for me in the new budget conscious world that I now live in.

Mobilicity is another interesting option but here in London, ON there are no stores that I can go into and raise a stink if something is not right which means I am stuck with just the annoying world of Call Center Hell so while the Province Wide Calling, Unlimited Data and Unlimited Texting is good…I am not sure if I can justify the move with such a limitation.


At just $45 per month I would still be seeing a vast savings over the first year of service but there is a major question about the viability of this company and the reviews of the service are less than stellar.

PC Mobile is a final outside option mainly because I have already jumped into bed rather heavily with the Loblaw company with my banking and grocery shopping covered by their stores and financial services.  They do not have an Unlimited Data Plan but they do include unlimited calling and texting Canada wide and the 1 GB of Data is not completely unreasonable and could be worked around with some creative WiFi hopping.


With a price tag of $64 per month I would only be saving about $20 per month but it does provide the ability to earn free Groceries with the use of their PC Points program so the extra cost per month could be at least partially offset by the savings in groceries…but over the first year…would I be able to earn $300 in groceries?

I guess during my weekend adventures this week I will be doing some checking on these and a few other options.

Stay tuned…I might just be working towards saving for a new super phone in the near future (although I do really like my Nexus 4).



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