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Google gets Hacked, WiFi Rules the Roost and Will Microsoft take over Nokia?

To start things off I want to thank my followers and readers everywhere.  My gentle Rants and Musings have been far more well received then I ever imagined.  When I logged in this morning there have been 1000 visits logged to the site and for that I am greatly pleased.

Google Gets Hacked???
What you say, the bastion of all things information had a vulnerability that went unchecked???  It would appear that scammers from China have been hijacking the personal Gmail Accounts of hundreds of users by using a targeted Phishing Scam.

The good news is that the attack was shut down by Google’s own Abuse Detection System combined with user reports and there are some reports that the attacks were targeted against Government and Military Employees but other reports show that the attacks were targeting and attempting to access “the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists”.

Are we now entering into an era of Cyber Warfare that goes beyond the streets and battlefields and directly to the infrastructure that could cripple the entire framework of a nation or company?  The thought of targeted attacks like this make me think of what our own team of Consultants do with their Social Engineering Security Tests.  Is YOUR data safe????

WiFi Rules the Roost
In a new Cisco Sponsored report Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global IP Traffic Forecast it is estimated that WiFi will be responsible for more bandwidth usage than by wired devices by 2015.  Now just how much data is being pushed and pulled around well from the report WiFi will consume 37.2 Exabytes of data just edging out the wired traffic at 37.0 Exabytes.

Just how much Data is an Exabyte?  Well a single exabyte is 1 million terabytes which would be the equivalent of storing or transferring entire music library of iTunes music catalog about 750,000 times each month that is a lot of Ones and Zeros flying around the atmosphere…I wonder is there going to be a study on the effects of WiFi on the human brain like there was with cell phone usage?

The report also shows that each household that connects to the internet is averaging a monthly consumption rate of 61.8 GB that is a dramatic increase from last year when we only downloaded 17 GB each month!

Will Microsoft take over Nokia?
This is a question that has been floating around the interwebs since the partnership deal was inked several weeks ago.  The move would make sense for Microsoft which has not been able to gain traction with their Windows Phone 7 OS but IMHO this will lead to a violent shake up as its main competitors Apple and Google will also likely look to snap up handset manufacturers of their own.

I saw the writing on the wall though that Microsoft would be buying some type of hardware company when Oracle gobbled up Sun Microsystems last year.  To my surprise I would say that Larry Ellison and his merry band of OpenSource haters have done a great job in finding a balance between Open and Closed when it comes to their handling of mySQL, Solaris and Java.

With Nokia’s market share dwindling and their stock price dropping like a “Teenage Dream” I would have to say that the purchase by someone is imminent and is just a matter of time.

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Chris J Powell

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