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The Great Time Suck

I am sure that I am not alone when I say, my Smart Phone has become a drain on my “free time”.  It has superceded Facebook as my greatest distraction by a large sum and currently the addiction that is Flappy Bird is the culprit.

flappy bird


I took to Blogging as a way to get away from games on Facebook in the morning that was more constructive, but I just found myself loosing a full hour of my morning today because I wanted to drive my average score up on this annoying, frustrating but wildly interesting game.

So what is it about this simple tap, tap game that has caused the world to download it in droves and earn its developers more than $50,000 per day (according to CNet)?

I don’t know…no really I have no idea what the appeal is.  It is not like there are levels to beat or bosses to destroy.  There are no power ups and it doesn’t get harder as you play on.  It just plods away at a predictable and steady speed and causes its users to get frustrated, angry and want to play again.

I recently got my own personal best of 65 on this game and was incredibly proud but the reality is, my average score per game is less than 10.

So why do I keep playing it?

That is the question that I ask myself every time I power it up and start tap tap tapping.

Do you play?  Are you able to control the addictive quality of “Just one more game”?

For now though…I think that I will spend just a few more minutes playing a round of Flappy Bird!

Available on iOS and Android and now Online!



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