Chris J Powell

Happy Anniversary to Me

Well, it was 366 days ago that I first sat down at my computer and pecked out a Blog Post.  At the same time I jumped headlong into multiple points of Social Media connections to add value to what I do everyday as a Professional Sales Person.  I truly feel that I have grown closer to many of my customers and prospective customers by putting myself out there as completely as I have.


I look to my endeavours and see a progression that making a commitment to doing this every day (or at least as closely as possible to everyday) and really believe that the 1 hour I spend each morning giving my thoughts, feelings and rants a forum has better prepared me for the coming day.

This is blog post 328 over the past year, I have accumulated a word count of more than 150,000, I have 75 Active Followers around the world on this blog but have also accumulated nearly 300 Twitter Followers, my LinkedIn Profile now boasts 350 Active Connections, a Technorati Score that hovers between 111 and 114 (placing these words in the top 20,000 blogs in the world) and while there is still work to be done…I even finally achieved a Google Page Rank of 1 this year!

I have had the distinction of connecting with some great writers because of this work I do and the passion that I have for giving my personal Spin on the Technology that is all around us.  

What will the coming year hold?  I don’t know but I have set some lofty targets for myself and I will be entirely focused on achieving the Post a Day target (89% of the year is just not good enough), I plan to double all of my Social Connections and yes…a Site Redesign is in the works (possibly a return to WordPress).

As for the topics…well that is the nice thing about following Technology…there is always something new coming out that I can share with all of you.

To that end…I say thank you for following, leaving comments, subscribing to the RSS Feed and connecting with my on Twitter and LinkedIn…I am now opening up my Facebook a little more as I find that it is just another extension of what I do here but my posts and comments there tend to be a little more Politically Charged because it is friends and family mostly.

It has been a wild ride and I look forward to being in the drivers seat for another year.


Chris J Powell

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