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Happy Birthday to the True North Strong and Free

I live in the greatest country in the world.  Sure I will complain about the weather (like how damn hot and muggy it has been this week and how bitterly cold the winter is) but all in all, I consider myself to be very fortunate enough to have one the genetic lottery and been born here.  Canada has abundant Natural Resources, solid Education and yes I have to say it for my friends to the South – FREE HEALTH CARE!  Today marks the 147th year that we have existed as a country and every day I can honestly say that I am proud to be Canadian!


I thought that I would take an opportunity to list some of the historical facts that illustrate Canada’s Great Moments in History (as borrowed from Canadian History For Dummies Cheat Sheet

30,000–10,000 BCPrehistoric hunters cross over into Canada from Asia
circa 1000 ADLeif Ericsson leads a Viking expedition to the New World
1451The Iroquois Confederacy is formed
1497John Cabot reaches Newfoundland (or perhaps Cape Breton)
1534Jacques Cartier first explores the St. Lawrence region
1608Samuel de Champlain establishes a French colony at Québec City
1670Hudson’s Bay Company is formed
1755Expulsion of the Acadians
1759Battle of the Plains of Abraham: Québec City is captured
1763New France is formally ceded to Britain; Pontiac Rebellion erupts
1783Loyalist refugees begin arriving after the American Revolution
1812–14War of 1812: U.S. invades Canada
1837–38Rebellions against British rule in Upper and Lower Canada
1848Responsible government is won, first in Nova Scotia, then in Canada
1867Confederation (first four provinces: Québec, Ontario, N.S., and N.B.)
1870Red River Resistance; province of Manitoba is created
1871, 1873B.C. and P.E.I. join Canada
1885North-West Rebellion; the Canadian Pacific Railway is completed
1905The provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan are created
1914–18World War I
1916Women win the vote in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta
1929–39The Great Depression
1939–45World War II
1949Newfoundland joins Canada
1950–53Korean War
1959St. Lawrence Seaway (major transportation route) officially opens
1960Québec’s Quiet Revolution begins; Native Canadians given the vote
1967Canada’s 100th birthday; Expo 67 World’s Fair in Montréal
1970October Crisis: political kidnappings, Ottawa suspends civil rights
1980Québec referendum on “sovereignty-association” defeated 60% to 40%
1982Constitution comes home — with a Charter of Rights and Freedoms
1987–90Meech Lake Accord is put forward — and collapses
1992Charlottetown Accord is rejected by a national referendum
1995Québec referendum on sovereignty is narrowly defeated
1999The new Arctic territory of Nunavut is created

Since 2000 though you may notice that I have not included some of the “important” events like our Medal Count at the Vancouver Olympics or Canada’s saying “no” to the war in Iraq…I chose to leave these items off because one thing that my 42 years on this planet has taught me is that the historical significance of events is like a fine wine…it develops with age…so maybe when I am far older and sitting back and thinking about the good old days…I will be able to relate to the ability of our athletes to win Gold Medals or how the possibility of Quebec separating from the Confederation led to the near conviction of a standing Prime Minister…but for now…they are events…not History.

Happy Canada Day to every one, where ever you are.



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