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Happy Fathers Day – And Moving Day!!!

What a day.  It all started with a night of wrapping up the packing and getting ready for our big move, that was completed by just after midnight so technically…Father’s Day had already begun.  Setting alarm and back up alarm I prepared for an early rise to finish moving things up to the ground floor for the movers who were scheduled to arrive at 8:30 AM so I hauled myself out of bed at my usual pre 6AM and got everything situated.

Normally this would be OS Sunday but unfortunately here it is just before 3PM and I am finally getting settled enough to take some ME time and do my post for today.  The movers were quick (it doesn’t hurt that they only had to move furniture as we had brought over all of our other stuff in the past week) and they were in and out in less than 90 minutes!

But then the fun really began as I had to set a path to build the Technology Hub that would be our new home.  A sprawling house of 5 bedrooms (two in the basement – one of which is my new Man Cave – and three on the Ground Floor).  The Cable Guy was here yesterday and we rewired the entire house to get maximum reception and more importantly the fastest Internet Possible, but that still left me with having to run the Network Cable from the Basement up to my wife’s Office on the Main Floor and let me tell you…frustration does not describe what I went through as the heating vents don’t exactly meet!

That accomplished I set forth putting my life back in order but not before running into a massive snag with my wife’s Computer…oh man…what a pain in the arse that machine is!  The move (which by the way was only about 8 blocks from our old home) had some how made her computer lose connection to it’s Hard Drive!  A little stroking of the old beast and it finally was up and running which is good because I did not want to spend the rest of my day farting around with that junker!

Then came time to building out my office.  With the wires run and my comfort level at an all time high being in my nice cool basement…I could finally sit back and do what I love to do…tell you all about the exciting times of a Technical Sales Guy…ok so this was not so exciting (unless you were present to here the air turn blue as I was cursing the Network Cables).

The wife and little one are bedding down for an afternoon nap and I think that I might join them as well…I am now really, really tired.

Another day down…I will however double up on the OS Sunday next week.  Fedora 14 is ready for a Test Drive and the Alpha version of Ubuntu 12.10 has been released so I think I will double dip next week!

Cheers and again…Happy Fathers Day!

Chris J Powell

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