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Hard at work

Yes it is the weekend but amazingly enough work never seems to wander far from my mind.  While today’s post comes a few hours late, it is with good reason as I have been focused on some development both of the new site (still focused on opening the doors on February 1st), but also diving into building a real strategy on how to connect and manage the 1000+ contacts and connections that I have made in the past 10 months.

I guess this is not so much an actual post of what is happening (that is all very hush hush and top secret) but that work is being done and as I do so…I will use this forum to keep you all updated…a Sneak Peak at one of the new graphics for everyone though…

It is a first iteration and in actuality one of my first detailed attempts at using the advanced features of Adobe Fireworks.

Cheers and let the count down begin.

Chris J Powell

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