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High Value Big Data

IBM has long been a purveyor of all things “cutting edge” and the world of Big Data is no different.  The concepts and services that they provide are among the best out there but at the same time, as a major supporter of the world of Open Source they also share their concepts and ideas freely.  In searching around the Interwebz today for a topic I stumbled across an interesting post made over at and was intrigued by their take on Big Data Use Cases!

In the article there are 5 main quick win Use Cases that are sure to make an impact in any business regardless of size.  The only major difference between the smallest companies and the largest is Scale and Budget.  I am a huge proponent of the concept of knowing more enables and empowers so Big Data is something that I not only believe in, but I have jumped in with both feet.

The article breaks out the 5 main Quick Wins as (with Krispifications):

Big Data Exploration

The exploration of all of the Data that you have (regardless if it is in the multi TeraByte or the multi PetaByte range) is important.  Know what you have before you try to do anything with it.  Big Data for the sake of Big Data is just a money pit that is not worth the effort, expense or enerty.

Enhanced 360 View

The ability to see the interconnects and the insights is vital to the decision making process that Business Intelligence has always eluded to.  The 360 View enables a “vision” into what your customers want, what your competitors are doing and how to improve and strengthen the bond you have with your customers.


In this time of uncertainty, Security should be top of mind for every IT Professional.  Knowing what is happening with the Data that you have collected and being able to protect this valuable asset is key to business longevity and stability.  Being able to in real time predict, pinpoint and protect that Data can mean the difference between a Data Breach and a Pay Raise!

Operational Analysis

Knowing what is going on operationally and having that long reach awareness can identify potential savings.  The movement to Machine to Machine (M2M) communications can enable the correlation between Operational Data and Enterprise Data to better manage the real time production and support of the business.

Data Warehouse

A favorite topic of mine all through my time as a Technical Sales Specialist was assisting my customers in the building and maintaining of Data Warehouses.  These collections of Data varied greatly in size and I always laughed when a customer would say “I don’t have a Big Data Problem”.  The Optimization of the Data being stored and accessed can greatly improve the efficiency of all Big Data Projects and really does bring the circle back to the Big Data Exploration.

So What are you doing for Big Data as we close out 2013?



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