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Holiday Shopping for Geeks

With less than a week before old St. Nick head’s down the chimney’s of all the good little Geeks out there I thought that I would pour through some of my favorite Geek shopping sites and make some picks for the best Geek Gifts out there.  As any good Secret Santa does, I put a price limit of $50 on the gifts and here is what I found:

JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick

There is nothing worse than wiping Cheetos gunk off of your tablet so for those hard core tablet gamers out there…add a Joystick to the fun.


The IT Crowd, Season 1

The funniest show on television about IT and Geeks in general, this British Comedy has had me in stitches for years…I only wish they did more than 6 episodes per season.  The best is the episode about the Internet…here is a sneak peak:IT Crowd – Season 3 Episode 4



Going Old School on your iPhone is way cool…I would love to pull this out on an LTC bus and well freak out the other riders…or walking down the street and chatting to a friend…yep classic Geek Gift.


Ex-press Yourself Stamp Set

We all wish that Facebook had a Dislike Button…well the next best thing is this set of stamps…I love it!


Darth Vader Lamp/ Alarm Clock

Combining two things that we all need…light and an alarm clock…why not mix things up with the this replica of Luke’s Father…the great thing is…you get to have revenge on Vader for using the Force to choke out the Imperial Officers every morning when you hit Snooze for the 5th time.


USB Missile Launcher

In the event of all out office Warfare…there is the force multiplier of the X-100 fully powered Thermonuclear Detonation Rig…well not quite but damn fun to say the least!


Marvel Hero Cookie Cutter Set

For me there will never be any comparison between DC and Marvel…Marvel will win every time so I bring to you…in its glory, a way to hang out with your favorite Marvel Hero’s!


Geek Work Shirt

Wearing your Geekiness on your sleeve as I do may not be an option for everyone so hey…why not wear your Geek on your chest!


The links should all work and if you would like to send any of these wonderful gifts my way, I will understand that they will not arrive before Christmas but it is the thought that counts.


Cheers and have a great week!


Chris J Powell

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