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Honesty in Sales Redux

Back in June 2011 I wrote a blog post that continues to get more hits than any other of my 280+ posts.  I did a quick check and I was amazed today that when I do a Google Search almost a year later it still comes up in the top 10 but I stand by what I wrote then as not only my own mantra but a call to all other Sales People out there to live by.  The Consumer or Business Consumer today is far more savvy than previous generations. 


Social Media has made it almost impossible to hide behind the common innuendos and half truths that are still all to common in the profession that chose me 4 years ago.  I focus on finding a true balance between the technical aspects of what I do and the sales process that I work within.  It has done well by me and I stand as a testament to Business Ethics and Relationship skills are key to long term business relationships.

I often ask my clients and prospective clients to make a judgement call on my recommendations.  I am able to do this because from the very first call with a Decision Maker, Influencer or even just a User of the services that I sell that it first me they are buying.  I try to not promise something that I am not able to keep and for the most part I have been completely successful in not “over selling” what I can do for them.

I have continued to leverage Social Media to connect with the people I do business with and I would say that I have been somewhere between moderately and very successful in building a solid Network of people who are engaged and who not only read what I have to say, they create a two way dialogue.  That to me is worth the investment that I have made both in time and resources.


When I look at a customer interaction, whether it is the first time I have talked with the person or the 100th time I have had a conversation, what they “see” is what they get.  I work for an amazing company that is continually reinventing how we both do business and translate the world of technology to our licenced members.  Staying ahead of the curve has become key to not only win the long term battle with our competitors but also to promote a brand that is really still in its infancy.  With a vision and a dream, a dynasty has been built around one man and that dynasty continues to expand with new additions to our service offerings that continue to demand more and more of our time as Sales Professionals. 

When we look to Truth in Sales, I fail to understand the reasoning behind spreading even half truths or innuendos in the first place.  To manage multiple lies and still have any interaction or relationship with a client would be just too damn hard, on any given day I juggle 10-15 meaningful conversations with clients that last from 5 to 55 minutes in length and with that…not being honest with myself and with the client would mean that I would have to keep really good notes to keep the fibs going.

To my clients and to prospective IT Research and Advisory customers who may be reading this…I encourage you to call out me or any other “Sales Professional” on anything that you think is too good to be true, it probably is!  But for those out there who are looking for an honest guy to do business with…I try, but I am fallible but if I make a mistake…I will own that mistake.

In the original Truth in Sales Article that can be found Honesty in Sales – Can You Handle The Truth?  I talked quite a bit about the concept of Over Promising and Under Promising…that still holds true today.  I have 480 minutes to work with each day (at least that is the standard of measure that I am “scored on”) as that is the amount of time an 8 hour work day represents.  I don’t work just 480 minutes, I am into the office early EVERYDAY, I work through most of my lunches and when asked I will almost always stay late.  If I say I will do something…I do what I promise.  If at the end of the day it is more than what was expected then that perception of value has been achieved…Value is just as important to me as Virtue.

Well this has been an interesting Rant today…I am rather enjoying the free form throw down of the Thursday Rant much more than the idea of taking 3 completely separate topics and combining them into a single post.  Let me know if you like this format or the old one…simply look through my Thursday Posts to compare and leave a comment or two…feedback is always appreciated.


Chris J Powell

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