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How Close are you to Information Overload?

In 2011 each and everyone of us is faced with information and data being pushed at us in every direction.  Emails, Tweets and Status updates being pushed to our SmartPhones; Tablets and Laptops in front of the TV, News Sources from around the globe at our fingertips and always on.  The sheer amount of information that we can access by simply opening up Google, flicking through a Stumble Upon listing or general surfing the web is astronomical.

Now one of the major struggles for myself is to know when to turn off the outside world.  I literally go to bed each night thinking about my next Blog Post and how I will relate it to my upcoming day.  I am thinking of the Accounts that I work with and how I can both support their specific needs while finding the best way to “Radiate and Penetrate” which means I need to know more and more about their business.  When it comes to looking at all the Data and Information available to me…I have had to take a step back and really think about this 24/7 world that I live in.


Too much of a good thing often turns into a bad thing and with my SmartPhone, iPad, Laptop and Desktop computers all hungrily looking for my next query I have to force myself to walk away from time to time.  Time remains a constant and no matter what we do we can not add more of it.  It is not a commodity but a Universal Constant and while there may be Millions of Blogs that may help us “find a better way” and thousands of books that will boost our productivity there is a point where we must say…enough is enough and just tune out.


Today marks my 6 month anniversary of contributing to the plethora of information and adding to the amount of content that you intake daily, weekly or monthly.  I appreciate all of my visitors and I will not stop the search and the quest for connecting with each and everyone of you as a Technical Sales Guy but I do recommend that each of you evaluate who and what is adding to your own personal Information Hording!  The Purge must happen, for your health and your sanity.


Now there is a very simple way to eliminate Information Overload and focus on some Real Personal Progress…just stop trying to do EVERYTHING!  Pick a few information sources…I know how do you choose one over another because each has its own brand of focus.  Time Management and the ability to Multi-Task are really counter intuitive.  Multi-tasking just does not work in the long term…yes you can successfully complete multiple projects at the same time but to sustain that work flow is both unhealthy and will lead to a long term loss of productivity.

If you have not charted out what your Goals are then I strongly suggest focusing on your Personal, Professional and Organizational Goals.  Take today to really look at those three paths that you MUST succeed in and then start to whittle down your information sources first to what will provide you with the most likely success in each of them.  It will be hard, especially when those three lofty Goals may be pulling you in conflicting directions.  If that conflict is there…really think about what is most important to you…sometimes you have to say the hardest word in the English Language…NO!


Well that is my two cents worth…have a Great week!




Chris J Powell

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