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How do you turn off all connections or better yet…should I???

I find myself wondering what I did before I became so darn Social?   Even being fortunate enough to be one of the first round of Google+ testers!

With nearly 400 Friends on Facebook, almost 100 Followers on Twitter, 207 Connections on Twitter, 1000’s of page views right here on this blog…when did the guy who got a Performance Review just 10 years ago that stated “Chris does not play well with others!” (true story, exact words…and amazingly enough I still got the raise) become so popular?  What is the catalyst that has people want to hear the ramblings of a Tech Sales Guy?


After my post on Monday I did get some illumination into this fact from a colleague at work that I consider to be one of the most intelligent Sales Professionals that I work with.  When I looked at my own Superstitions and Rituals that I go through to ensure my head is on straight for the coming day it was very comforting that there are others out there that go through similar processes.


(Just so everyone knows, feel free to leave comments…you do have to register but that is only because I have been dealing with some SPAM BOTs that are dumping about 250 fake comments on the site per day so I had to make it “Registered Users Only”).

My colleague took a moment to share his thoughts with me in an email (regardless of how leave me the comments, send me an email, I always love to know how I am doing):


Re: A/C…last week my father-in-law was over at our house for a couple of evenings.  He lives on the top floor of a rundown 3 story walk-up with no air conditioning (to put this into perspective last week set several heat index records with temperatures over 40 C  or 104 F) (His apartment does not have adequate power infrastructure to support it) his day job is working in a car parts plant and most of the summer the average temperature on the floor is 37 C or 98.7 F.  I never hear him complain about either but we felt it would be a nice gesture to let him come stay with us in the evenings.  The odd part was taht he spent most of the time at our house on the back deck, baking  in the heat, chain smoking…I guess he’s just one of those characters that enjoys the heat.


In the same email he also expressed some of his “borderline OCD” activities that he goes through:

I have a new Monday routine/superstition…even though we have “” – I have been finding that sitting down and manually writing out each deal that I am planning to close this week is a very positive process (wow they still make those manual writing utensils…what are they called pens???).  It forces me to visualize and commit to action while decluttering my vision of all distractions and inefficiencies of our current CRM.  Today I was a bit more thorough…I went through the folder of quotes that I keep meticulously labeled and organized along with my prospecting queue and went through a complet lest of every account I lost this year just to find 5-6 people to call for the hell of it.


I really do appreciate the feedback and added insights (I too had kept a folder of all my quotes that had gone out to clients, former clients and prospects) and I know that more than a few of you read this blog so…expect a call in early August!!!


But back to my original statement…when did I become so damned connected to the outside world?  I started this blog on April 24, 2011 but even before that I had started to dabble in Social Media (I had my Linkedin and Facebook but that was about it).  Why would anyone put their name, face (even the branded cartoon version of Me you see on this site and every other part of my profile) and yes my reputation. ranks this blog with an Authority of 104 which places my words, rants and musings in the top 5% of blogs in the world…that is daunting!


What will tomorrow bring for me?  I am 1/2 way through my social experiment of a Post per day.  I have met (well online and over the telephone) some really great people that have both helped shape my 2012 (company Fiscal Year) strategy and with some great Members Only content coming this weekend…I look forward to responding to more non-bot created comments.


Cheers and for all the Canadian’s who are sharing in this beautiful long weekend:


I AM Canadian Rant


Chris J Powell

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