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HP Moonshot hits the Market

Back in January I did a post on ARM based Servers and in that post I spoke about the HP Moonshot concept server.  More information has come to light with regards to this “Software Enabled Server” and the hope that this new class of microserver will be the next big thing for HP.

The entire concept of the Moonshot project is pretty impressive and it all starts with the Chassis classified as the HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis.  The 4.3U case has all the power, management, networking, storage and cooling components needed to spin up, a whopping 45 Moonshot Servers, that is each tuned to a different, specific workload.

The first of the HP Proliant Moonshot Servers is available today and looking at the specs…it is pretty impressive when considering that it would be just one of 45 in that rack mount!

HP is claiming that the Moonshot Server system will use 89% less energy than a conventional Blade Server take up 80% less space and cost 77% less than current servers.  Those are interesting claims to say the least.  I can see the 80% less space, just packing that much computing power into a 4.3U rack would absolutely save space but the power?  I decided to download the HP Power Advisor and see if I could do a comparison…and unfortunately…the Moonshot system is not included in the current version.

As for cost…well it is not currently listed on the HP Site so that is something else that we will need to take their word for but in looking at the specs and the use of an Atom Processor and just 8GB of RAM…I could see this being far more affordable, especially in the deployment of a Private or Public Cloud. The really cool thing that I found is that there is no claim for these servers to run Windows…only Ubuntu, SUSE and Red Hat are listed as compatible. 🙂

Check out the hype in this video…I am excited…but also cautious when any company says they are building something that will revolutionize the Internet!


Chris J Powell

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