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HR hits the Mobile Space

I am no HR Professional but I found an interesting new HR Audit App from  In looking over the site I soon realized that as a document provider…it is pretty solid although more than a little ambiguous about their product offerings.  I downloaded their HR Audit App on my Samsung and started through their 60 question system to assess Risk and provide some support for HR Professionals who are attempting the daunting task of building a World Class Company at the same time as satisfying the ever growing list of State/Provincial and Federal requirements for reporting.


I did a quick run through of the App and answered some of the questions and for a Free App it did address some of the concerns that I get from both my American and Canadian Clients (although the App is very much focused on the American Market.  As with most Audits…there is no “score” just a Pass Fail and by placing “I Don’t Know” as my answer for every one of the questions in the first 40…as you can imagine, I failed.

The challenge that I have with any of the “killer apps for business” out there on the Android or iOS platform is that they seem to over simplify every process.  Apple has proven that people are willing to pay for an App (a recent post at Wired Magazine has 2011 iTunes App Store Revenues at $3.4 BILLION) so why would anyone at any time provide a business app for FREE??? and worse than that…bake it down to just 60 yes or no questions…give it some interaction…some whiz bang factor.  Make it the cornerstone of your online world so that once you have people leveraging the insights from your one tool…you can give them so much more with the rest of your services.

I will give them this…it has only been out on the Android Market for a few days…but in my opinion…it is pretty weak.

Well I will start a search for some real HR Apps that can make life easier…I live in the FREE world so I will let you know how the search goes.

Question for December 27, 2011

Do you or does your company leverage a Mobile App to drive business or traffic to your site?


Chris J Powell

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