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I am back – Krispy's Rants Lives…but now it is "i am krispy"

It has taken me far longer than I had anticipated, considering that I moved away from the world of shared hosting to becoming a System Admin all on my own but so far the experience has been not only worth it, it has been incredibly rewarding.

I set up everything from scratch, using some great resources found on the interwebz and then dove into the modification of a theme that I think is pretty darn awesome!

I was torn for several weeks about migrating to a different Content Management Solution other than WordPress but at the end of the day, it was by far the easiest, most supported and despite having no less than 10 reinstalls of the OS and the site, I am no ready to touch every single post on the site and reconnect all the broken and missing links.

First off, the VPS Server that I chose was among the most affordable solutions I have ever seen, I went with as my provider with a 768 MB $5.00 per month setup, then I went about trying to figure out what I would do for an OS.

If you have been following this blog for any amount of time, I have been mucking about with Desktop Linux Distros for years…but this was really the first time that I had taken the headlong leap into the world of the command line.  I tried CentOS but could not wrap my head around the yum package manager, then I tried several test setups using Turnkey Linux which is based on the solid Debian base.  I felt far more at home with the .deb and apt-get features that I have been so used to.

While Turnkey Linux has lots of preconfigured options that enabled me to play around with nginx, Ruby and even node.js, out of the box without having to download or setup anything, I decided after more than one sleepless night to use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and that is where I sit now.

To manage the server I have become very adept at using Putty, command line and SSH and can do remote server admin from my Chromebook, Smartphone or the refreshed Desktop that I am sitting at right now (at just past 3 AM in the morning).

After pushing up all of the posts and turning on all my WordPress packages though, I fear that my resorting to the cheapest alternative may have been a little to frugal as without any load, I am well over 50% of my available RAM…but as I don’t anticipate having any massive amounts of traffic, this should be fine…for now at least.

Ajenti Screenshot

So with all of that, my eyes are bugging out of my head and my pillow is calling me so I will resume the updating of the posts in the morning (or early afternoon as the case may be).



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