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I Dedicate this Day – To My Wife

There are certain milestones in ones life that will always be a measure of how well one has done.  14 years ago today I made a commitment to a woman who as stood by my side (almost everyday), has pushed me to success and picked me up during failure.  She has been my rock and the biggest pain in the butt that any man could ask for.

To keep in line with this being a technology blog though I thought that I would look back in time to June 6, 1998 and peel back the layers and see what was happening in the world of Technology then!

  • The Microsoft Trial was getting underway to try to break up the company because of anti-competition allegations.  14 years later…not much has changed!
  • Apple introduces the iMac.  Boy have times changed, from the outside looking in, Apple has gone from a fringe player to a game changer…like them or not…any company that has cash reserves sufficient to buy out nearly any industry in one fell swoop has done well for itself.
  • Netscape releases the source code for its “Communicator” browser just before being bought out by AOL.  For those that don’t remember back that far…this was the birth of FireFox!

Thinking back to that time, Dial-Up was really the only way to connect to the internet and I remember fondly having my ISP increasing its speeds from 33.6 KBps to 56K…it was a great day in deed (now we enjoy +50MBps) in most areas!  Websites were far from being rich and flowing, Facebook was not even a dream of the then 14 year old Mark Zuckerberg.

As a family we have been through 10 moves in these 14 years and as we prepare for # 11 next wee…I can honestly say that I am ready to just stay put and not have to do this again…EVER!

14 years with my wife has been a fun, painful, exciting, inspiring time and one that I don’t see moving on from anytime soon.  I did locate one interesting Statistic (and considering I am the unofficial Stat person for EVERYTHING)….according to Statistics Canada the Average Marriage in Canada lasts 14.5 years…well that means by November we are Average…then we start going for the Gold (as less than 33% of marriages last another 11 years to make it to their Silver Anniversary) but I know we can do that and beyond.  We need each other far too much.

Once again…I love you dear.  And here is to another 14 years!


Chris J Powell

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  1. Investing in your marriage will provide FAR BETTER ROI than ANY other investment. Happy Anniversary to you both.

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