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I refuse to be another Tech Blogger Eulogizing the Career of Steve Jobs

For the past two days it has been all Steve Jobs all the time.  I can not open my inbox without another alert about his Retirement.  I can not look through my Zite App without 75% coverage on Steve Jobs.  I have had it up to my eyeballs with everyone saying good bye to the man.

Was he a great man in the world of Technology…no doubt.

Did he change the face of Consumer Electronics…absolutely.


Did he turn around a fringe player in the world of computing into a company that is now effectively richer than 80% of the world…yep.


I am not going to write a long drawn out 500 word post about Steve Jobs, I really don’t get him or his technology visions.  I am just not a fan of Apple or the way that they package everything for the masses and collectively create a following of mindless drones who can only do things the Apple way.


I like OPEN.  I like to TINKER.  I like to BUILD new things.  I like to rip apart what was there and CREATE a NEW REALITY.  Apple does not do that for me…not even a little bit.


Do I own Apple Products…yes.  I have an iPad, my daughter has an iPod and my wife inherited an iShuffle from my daughter but only one of those things did I purchase and that was from a Pawn Shop at a discount of about 80% off of retail.


Do I wish Steve Jobs ill will…not at all.  By building software that works very well on limited hardware that is sourced and produced to exacting specifications…it works well…but for me…if I was to spend $1200-2000 on a new computer…it will not be a Mac.




Chris J Powell

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