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"I was an Accomplice in my Own Frustration"

The quote that became the title for today’s post comes from British Playwright Peter Shaffer.  I looked at it and instantly realized that much of the things that I internalize and get frustrated by may come from the outside but the reality is…I am not only partially responsible for that frustration but I am also a willing accomplice to it festering inside of me.  This post is going to be fairly heavy on Quotes…because the reality is…there is a lot of good ones that fit my mindset right now.

I came across an interesting article from Australia titled “The Rise of the Compassionate Leader: Should You Be Cruel to Be Kind?” and it had me start to think about the frustration that I am the accomplice to.  I won’t get into the details but suffice it to say that the old adage that really separates Leaders from Managers:

There is profound difference — a chasm — between leaders and managers. A good manager does things right. leader does the right things. Doing the right things implies a goal, a direction, an objective, a vision, a dream, a path, a reach.

So that really does start to put things into perspective as to why I allow myself to become utterly consumed by frustration.  There are those who Lead, and those that Manage.  I look to Leadership as I don’t need to be Managed and the reality is…the business world today is pumping out new Managers at an alarming rate while Leaders…well they become something far less than a Manager.

In the Article linked above:

Out of all of the various elements in a business, the ability of a leader to be compassionate – that is, “to understand people’s motivators, hopes and difficulties and to create the right support mechanism to allow people to be as good as they can be” – has the greatest correlation with profitability and productivity, Boedker observes. “It’s about valuing people and being receptive and responsive to criticism.”

So if the data is there, then why is the balance of understanding the value of people so under appreciated?  When it comes to proverbs and quotes…I truly enjoy finding solace in the words of the past.  Things like “The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions” comes to mind when I think of how there is no ill will “intended” when the external forces start to align and push me in a direction that I may not want to go.

The reality for me is that I need to remember that while I may not Lead from the front with a title or assigned accountability, I have a responsibility to myself and my peers to not allow the negative thoughts and frustrations rule where and how I move forward.  I am always accountable for my own actions and reactions.  It is actually funny that I look to this just as I am becoming far more involved in my company in several external projects in the coming months and in my extra curricular activities with Toastmasters.

I have to be the BEST ME that I CAN BE.  To not do that, is a disservice to those that I work with both as colleagues and clients.  Now the reality is there staring me in the face but how do I go about taking ownership of that reality?  Well I have take a line from one of my favorite movies of all time, Platoon “Hell is the impossibility of reason.  That’s what this place feels like.  Hell.”

I can choose to be a part of the negative pull that I feel or I can be a force of positive change, I can look to tomorrow as not just another day of the same, but a new adventure that I have a hand in writing.  The same goes for each of you…your future is yours to be written and it is by the choices that you make…and the first choice that I choose to break free from is the one that has allowed me to become an accomplice to my own frustration!

Have a great day…this is day two of my Staycation but I think it is time to venture out from the basement and check out some of the nature trails that our city has to offer!


Chris J Powell

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