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If I had a Million Dollars – Part 3

Last week after getting my Geek on and getting some new mobile Tech to make my life a little more fluid…I have whittled down the Million to  $883,969.00 and this week with a bit of a blitz through the world of entertainment electronics I suspect that I will be able to use up a sizable chunk of what is left.  While most of my life is spent in front of a computer Screen, there are those occasions that I like to kick back and watch some TV or Movies or even play a game or two with my Geek 2.0 daughter and that is what this week’s adventure in exploring my Wants is all about!


Sony 55″ 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED Smart TV

The Centerpiece of any Home Entertainment System is the choice in Televisions and even though I have no real need or desire for a TV that is much bigger than the one I have now (an older 32″ model that I picked up for around $300 5 years ago), when building the ultimate of anything…I do believe that going big or going home comes into play…and so I chose the Sony 55″ 4K Ultra.  I have seen this beast in action and with picture so clear…and speakers that make the something so delicate have a sense of manly pride is a great balance.  Ringing in at $3499.00 this sense of visual bliss does not come cheap…nor should it.


To balance the new found visual beauty of a monster TV is a requirement to equally match the audio.  I have always wanted to have a monster stereo system with speakers everywhere and now that the world of network media enables me to control all the sound with a mobile app…the shopping for a true “Hi Fi” system is something that I would really enjoy…even if my neighbours may not like me too much.  I remember in my youth, going into the local TV/Stereo Store and dreaming of owning a Yamaha Receiver that would make all my friends jealous and even if there is better systems out there…this youthful memory had me heading out and looking at the best that Japan could offer me and I found:

Yamaha R-N500 Network Receiver – $499.99168745_400X400-300x300

Denon DP-200USB Turntable – $279.99


Yamaha CD-S1000 CD Changer – $1299


Paradigm Monitor 11 Speakers –  $3800


Now that I have the Video and the sound covered off though…there are just a few extra little things that need to be added to this piece of Media Blasting heaven and that is:

Xbox One – with Kinect and Accessories – $2400


Nexus Player and Game Controller – $170


Now that my entertainment needs are somewhat covered, I also want to make sure that I am never wanting for media so I would subscribe to all the best premium services out there:

Spotify Premium for 1 year = $119.88

Netflix for 1 year = $95.88

Google Play for 1 year = $119.88

Having Access to online media is all good and everything but I also want to have physical media as well, and that will mean a rather extensive trip to the bowels of the used music stores of this fine community of London, ON and I would set a limit on my spending in these spots at $10,000 (that is likely too low but hey…it is about building a collection right).

STARTING BALANCE $                   883,969.00
TV $                       3,499.00
STEREO (SPEAKERS ETC) $                           5,880.00
GAMING AND PLAYERS $                         2,600.00
SUBSCRIPTIONS AND PHYSICAL MEDIA $                         11,000.00
DAY 3 BALANCE $                      860,990.00

In just 3 days of “shopping”, I have some how been able to spend nearly $140,000 and while this seems like a lot, I have been doing my best to find the absolute best price and looking to brands and items that are really what I want and not just the “most expensive” or listed as the “best”.   Having this “Million Dollars” is starting to become a bit of a burden though so while I feel that building this “Wish List” is important for me to have a dream…next week I am actually going to investigate and spend some money, not on myself but on an option to do some Technology Philanthropy.  The gift of a Million…is something that I think I would need to share with others.





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