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If Moses only knew…what those two tablets would bring!!!

In the past 6 months to 1 year their has been a new all encompassing query that comes from nearly every client that I have:  “What do I do with Tablets?”

As a form factor the biggest thing since the PC itself has been the tablet.  When Steve Jobs announced the release of the iPad on January 27, 2010 the masses were brought forth and greatness was bestowed upon them.  Since then hundreds of different versions, knock offs and out right competitors have flooded onto the scene.
For personal content viewing there is nothing better than a solid tablet!  I have one, I want another one (Motorola Xoom if you are reading this dear) but when it comes to the day to day experience…one has to ask…”What are these things good for?”
The tablet that I have is a 7″ HP Zeen…it came with my Printer and is quite frankly the perfect size for me.  I play games (nearly unlimited options through .APK downloads and SlideMe Marketplace), read books, surf the web and because is connects to my HP C510 Printer I can manage print jobs from anywhere in the world!  If fits in my back pocket, I have used it on Sales Presentations and to watch videos I can honestly say that after 5 months I still find new things that I can do with my little Droid!
ZDNet recently published a new Top Ten List of Tablets, but this is sure to change by the time the iPad 3 makes its likely debut this fall…yes I said it and I really don’t feel sorry for anyone who waited in line for their iPad 2 a few weeks ago.
The tablet though is not a phase, fad or flash in the pan (although only Android Devices running 2.2 and above will let you run Flash Applications) and with adoption from CEO’s to Field Techs, from Doctors to Pharmaceutical Sales Reps the concept of sharing content and light data manipulation is here to stay and is very likely to impact the buying patterns and infrastructure demands on enterprises for years to come…but that is my 2 cents.
Where the waters get muddied though is in the OS that runs on them.  We have the iOS, Android (from 1.5 – 3.0), Windows, Linux (MeeGo, Ubuntu etc), Playbook OS and there is likely more to come.  What would be nice is a standardization of the hardware and the sale of the OS separately.  If I could freely install the OS I wanted on the Hardware I liked…now that would be AWESOME.  If you have not seen the work that Intel and Nokia did on the MeeGo OS check it out, and maybe install it on that Netbook you replaced with your new tablet!
Have a great day and this week is for ‘Niffy.

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