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I'm Lost Without Zite!

Before all the Flipboard fans out there jump all over me about some of the negative statements I may make here about their beloved App that feeds them their daily news content…I am not a fan, never have been…I just don’t get it…not at all.  I fell in love with Zite, an app that gave me the right amount of information, in the right doses and let me formulate what I would post about in record time.


Since it was announced that Flipboard was purchasing Zite…I have been at a loss.  I re-installed Flipboard and tried to get behind the new master and I just don’t like how it is laid out, how it sanitizes what I want to look at and fails to give me as many options to find the content that actually interests me.  It is a sad day indeed, as I find myself having to resort back to Google and the Hunt and Peck method of content ingestion.

What erks me about the Flipboard purchase is that they have all but stated that it is the end of Zite…and in the first few days after the sale I started to see a change and decline in my feeds so I uninstalled the one app that I rely more on that is not built by Google.  The quest for a new fix for my content was on…and I have not been too impressed so far.  Why CNN would you do such a thing!

There are options out there, and most of them are installed on both my phone and my tablet but Zite just worked, it did everything I asked of it and never let me down…until March 5 when I caught wind of its impending death by Flipboard.  Can Pulse do it for me?  What about Taptu?  Flipboard…oh my skin crawls at the though…for now…I will go old school.

Stay tuned for this weeks Free App Friday…there will be a show down of Zite Options and I will setup and configure Flipboard to give it a fair shake…but I don’t have much confidence in it.




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