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Info-Graphic of the Week -The Amazing Journey of Android

It is no secret that I am a fan of Google’s Android OS.  My last 5 Smartphones have followed the progression from Eclair to Ice Cream Sandwich (and hopefully an update to Jelly Bean will be coming soon – rumor has it my Droid Razr will be updated before Christmas).  The real reason that I prefer Android over iOS, Windows Phone or any other mobile OS is the same reason that I like Linux of Windows and Mac…FREEDOM!
Sure the Development Cycle is fast and the fracturing and fragmenting at an alarming rate I still love the forward movement.  I am used to the 6 month refresh cycle with my long term connection to Linux and having the ability to choose between multiple devices instead of being “stuck” with one option…well what fun would it be in life if we all lived in the exact same house and drove the exact same car…there is only so much that a protective case and desktop image switch can do to make life more “interesting”.
This week I spotted an Infographic over at that struck my eye and thought I would share.
The Amazing Journey of Android



Chris J Powell

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