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Info-Graphic of the Week – What Kind of Sales Dude are You

Ok so I have to include the Dudettes out there too but I didn’t want to have a title that was longer than the post.  Yesterday marked the first day at what I thought was going to be just a Job, one that I would probably be at for a few years but would also likely hate and would never make it a career and then something clicked as I was learning about the company and what they do and I realized that I could make a run at this and not only do well and support my family but actually enjoy my job and maybe make it a career.

This blog has always been both about the Technical Customers that I supported and the colleagues that I so desperately miss assisting but now as I venture forth into a new beginning I realize that much of my success came from being on the left side of this column.  It may have been my ultimate downfall but at the end of the day, I never made a sale that I was not proud of and that says a lot about my customers and the services that I used to sell.  Now though it is a whole new world for me…and I can truly assist Canadian Small Businesses and that excites me.

Sincere Selling

The Real Question is what type of Sales Person are you? And more importantly for all the people out there being sold to, today…what is the more common form of Sales Person you encounter?  Leave Comments reach out to me…it is always a good day when you make it that way!



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