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Infographic of the Day – Is your Enterprise Ignoring its Online Reputation

It may be surprising but a recent Infographic by Communications Agency Zeno Group goes a long way to define that Social Media is just not understood or is undervalued by most Corporate Executives in both large and small enterprises.  I am not sure what rock these executives have been living under, but Social Media is not going away and getting into the game and leveraging the power of connections is key to success.

Will 2013 begin to change things?  I am not sure, but what I am sure of is, if you work for a company…and you are blindly posting binge drinking party photos, complaining about your work environment, your latest crime spree or just having a bout with Social Media Diarrhea then there is a good chance it will impact your future career aspirations and potentially in the future…your current ones too.  Social Media is not going away.  We as a culture have traded our privacy for convenience and the ultimate reality is…when companies get their heads out of the sand and start paying attention…there is going to be some radical shakeups happen!

social media reputation
If you would like to participate in the Zeno Group Digital Readiness Survey to take a leap into looking at your capacity and capability for move forward in social Media…I strongly suggest it.


Chris J Powell

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