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Infographic of the Week – Is the Internet MORE Important than Air?

I don’t know some times I think that my life would cease to exist if it was not for the connection to the outside world that my Internet Connection provides.  I have been connected almost continuously since 1996 when I first subscribed to MSN with my first computer that I purchased from a Rent to Own Company when I was living in Toronto.  In the 18 years that I have been connected I have seen massive growth in the speed that I connect, from the painfully slow 33.6 kbps back in 1996 to the 25 MBps that I have today and the rest of the world is going through a similar process right now.

I am amazed at how quickly the Internet is becoming the great equalizer for developing countries and Mobile Broadband is probably the most amazing aspect of this global transformation.  This week’s Infographic is brought to you by the

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