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Infographic of the Week – Marvel vs DC

Growing up, nothing was better than Tuesday’s after school.  I would save up my allowance, seat cushion change and every penny I could scrape together and head down to the small town convenience store on Wallace Avenue in Listowel to grab the comic books that allowed me to escape the realities of small town life.  I never got into DC and the reality is, my first connection to anything the Detective Comics Brand was in 1978 with the release of the one and only Super Man starring Christopher Reeve.  I was Marvel Comics all the way.  For me, the must have titles were X-Men, X-Factor, GI Joe and Luke Cage.

The connection that I made with the heroes of the Marvel Universe as a young Geek has continued with me even t this day but when did an analysis of the DC vs Marvel Heroes and Villains, I just couldn’t resist sharing:




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