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Infographic – Top 10 Overused LinkedIn Buzzwords

Buzz Words are everywhere, there is no getting past them but when it comes to your Professional Profile that everyone in the world (from potential employers to customers to friends and colleagues), is it a good idea to leverage them in your LinkedIn Profile?

For the 4th year, LinkedIn did a top down look at their members Profiles and determined that there were 10, over used Buzz Words. I quickly jumped onto my profile and found that I used only one of them “Responsible” which had me utter an audible sigh of relief.

But what is the big deal about using Buzz Words? Are they not the same as Key Words and help you build connections?

I would say yes to a certain degree, but in this case…there are far better words that evoke an emotional response and describe far better than simply throwing out the same words that millions of others have used.

So with a New Year almost upon us…are you going to take a quick look at your Linked In Profile? How about taking a look at mine and letting me know if I have hit the mark?



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